Coronavirus COVID-19 UPDATE: 28th March 2020

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Coronavirus COVID-19 UPDATE: 28th March 2020

Saturday 28th March 2020

Lesson Matters

As per the current advice from the government read here (correct as of Saturday 28th March 2020), we have suspended all face-to-face appointments.

Many of you who have outstanding appointment bookings will have been contacted (or will be contacted) in order for us to discuss proceeding with your appointment online (either via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or WhatsApp video call). Alternatively, we can arrange to postpone your appointment until such time as the government reviews social distancing guidelines and we can resume face-to-face appointments safely.

We continue to conduct business as usual, but we have moved our teaching to online, remote methods.

Distance Practising Materials

As some of our voice students may also already know, in order for you to keep practising and warming up with accompaniment, we have put together a series of videos on our YouTube channel to walk you through the various routines that we recommend you adopt in order to get us through these distant times.

If you feel there is something missing that would help you, please do let us know and we will do our very best to provide.

If you have any queries about online lessons or any concerns at all, please feel free to talk to us, we’re more than happy to schedule a call. Alternatively, so you can email

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